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Benoit School District | 1827 Highway 1, Benoit, Mississippi, 38725 | Dr. Beverly Culley, Superintendent
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Upcoming Events Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! April 14 FPSB @ Gentry 4:30 Baseball @ JFK April 15-17 Case 21 2nd Comprehensive Assessment April 15  Baseball @ Broad Street 4:00 April 16 FPSB Leland 4:30 April 17 Progress Reports Issued April 18 Good Friday Holiday April 19 Track Division April 21 Bad Weather Make-up Day April 22 FPSB South Delta Baseball @ Coldwater 4:00 FPSB Season Ends April 25 FPSB Play-in Baseball Play-in April 26 Region Track April 28-May 1 MST2 Online Grade 8 April 28 FPSB - 1St Round April 29 Baseball Play-in May 3 Track - North MS May 2 MST2 Online Grade 8 Make-up May 5-9 MST2 Online Grade 5 May 5-6 SATP English II Retest May 7 SATP US History May 8 SATP Algebra 1 May 10-12 Track - State May 12-13 Senior Exams May 14 MCT2 Language Arts
Welcome to Ray Brooks School for the 2013-2014 school year. We hope and trust that this year as a Tiger will prove to be an educationally profitable one for your child. Each school year is a time of change. The work load and social adjustments are greater now than ever before in public education. A highly qualified, caring staff has been assembled to educate your child in the Benoit School District.

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Ray Brooks School
Consolidation gets a reprieve... (Article from Clarion Ledger, March 31, 2012)
Senate Bill 2760 approved by Governor on May 22, 2012
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** School Election Results Official ** Bolivar Commercial  11-29-13
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